Please let me start by apologising for my juvenile sense of humour. These get a bit more spiritual the further down the gallery you go, but just recently my obsession with 80s pop culture, and monster movies in particular, has taken the reins. Hopefully nobody who owns the characters that I'm gently mocking will swing by here (unlikely!) and take legal action.


These pictures are drawn with black brush pens and then scanned in to my computer to be coloured in and edited. (Believe it or not, kids, this stuff all used to be done by hand!) A lot of people do 100% of the work on their computers, using graphics tablets for the drawing part - for some reason I just can't get on with tablets, finding those synth-pens horribly difficult to control, and I will keep holding out for the good old tried-and-tested REAL PEN until they're phased out completely and all artists get replaced with robots.

Awkward Moment
The Pearl of Great Price
Hergé's Adventures of Tauntaun
The Death of Frenzy
Inappropriate Snacks
Henry's Revenge
Godzilla vs Kong
The Pacmatrix
Kylo vs Vader
Hope 2
Just Enough Light For The Step I'm On

Illegal Aliens

The biggest jerks in the universe