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Just get the bloody thing done!

I'm taking the opportunity - school holidays - to try and finish some unfinished pictures. This one has been hanging around forever. The idea was to show a grown-up character admiring a scene of breathtaking natural beauty while the younger character with him was too busy messing about on their phone to pay any attention to said scene. I then got carried away with the mechanics of how to do this - create an awesome replica of the Grand Canyon in Bryce complete with orange sunset, or have the tortoises standing on a photo-realistic cliff overlooking the sea at sunrise... Eventually I put the picture on the back-burner as it was too blinking complicated to finish.

Then I came back to it after a long break and decided to just put the characters against the Aurora Borealis - looked up a quick tutorial on how to reproduce the Aurora Borealis in the GIMP, and all done.

I may come back to it again, as I can't decide whether it actually looks like the Aurora Borealis or a great sinister cloud of ectoplasm.

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