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I'm rewriting my science fiction story yet again, but this time I'm focusing on making it humorous. I'm not C. S. Lewis or Stephen King and never will be - my biggest asset is not my ability to write, but rather my sense of humour.

The pictures for the story are starting to solidify a bit as well after a long period of flux. I've decided not to trace over Poser renders, having seen some artwork by a well-known Marvel comic artist (Mike Deodato) which uses that technique, and having realised how stiff and unnatural those kind of images look. The sad thing is that Mike Deodato can actually draw very well, but he seems to have adopted Poser as - presumably - a time-saving technique. The biggest issue with those images, actually, is that most of the figures in them are very recognisable as off-the-shelf 3D characters that have been dressed up a bit.

So I'm doing pencil drawings instead and basing those on the Poser images, and am going to stick with that. The resulting images may not be perfect, but at least they look like a human being did them.

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