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Business Cards

I've just discovered that my repository of business cards - of which there were a hundred to start off with - is almost depleted, which is quite bad news as my pictures go up this weekend and I need something for people to take away from the display with them. It looks like I was a bit too enthusiastic about giving the cards away; one friend took five off me last week saying she wanted to frame them together, and I want to keep examples of all five designs from the current batch. The last few days have been spent frantically going through my newer pictures to shortlist five new designs as well as coming up with a new design for the back.

I'm also busy framing pictures for the display, having acquired all the frames and prints that I need and being reasonably happy with DStudio's reproductions of my work. The next hurdle is going to be getting all the pictures to the clocktower without the use of a car or van.

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