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Jobs done

The pictures are up in Croydon Clocktower, and I'm pleased with how they're looking, although it was a lot of work organising two displays this time, and I was up until very late on Friday night getting all the pictures wrapped up for transportation. Thankfully, my mum gave me a lift to Croydon with the pictures (saving me two or three trips) and a very helpful fellow exhibitor put the pictures on the wall once I was there, which saved a lot of work.

The business cards are on the way as well, although goodness knows how they're going to look when they arrive. I had the same problem last time I ordered cards from Moo - I make the pictures the exact dimensions as the cards and upload them to Moo's website, only to find that they're superimposed over Moo's online template as much bigger than the usual Moo card dimensions. When I resize the image to make it fit, an error message appears warning that a "white strip" may appear in the finished product (why?!?) even though the cards look fine in the pdf proof afterwards.

This happened previously - the cards looked fine in the proof but then arrived in the post with an unwanted white strip on one side that had to be trimmed off of every card. Moo's customer service staff very graciously sent me 50 more cards at the correct size free of charge when I complained, but it still created a delay in getting hold of the cards. Ideally I'd like to have more cards to put out before the display at the clocktower is finished.

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