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Back to the mini-comix

A few years ago I drew a comic strip about a cat and an armadillo who lived in a house together and had a bunch of surreal adventures. It was done mainly to amuse the people I worked with and fizzled out when I changed jobs and started doing another comic strip about mobile phones (which, unlike my armadillo and cat strip, was published in a kids' magazine and was paid work). The first version of the animal house-sharing strip was hamstrung to some extent by a couple of mistakes that I made early on and failed to correct; one was that I drew the pictures small, around the same size they would have been if they'd been published, which made it impossible to include finer details, and the other was that I tried to tell the story in three panels rather than four, which turned out to be one panel too few.

Also, the armadillo character was actually quite difficult to draw, and I've replaced him with a tortoise for this new version.

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