• Simon Faiers

Cassette Rider

This guy straddles the line between Micronauts and Transformers, being part of the Microman/Micro Change line of toys that became Transformers in the USA, but never actually becoming a Transformer himself. The idea with Micro Change was that the robots were supposed to be companions of the silver-headed humanoid Microman characters, and some of the transforming objects even became vehicles for Microman pilots - in this case, a slightly oversized audio tape became the Microman's motorcycle. However, the idea of masters and pilots for the transforming robots was jettisoned by Hasbro in favour of making the robots independent, sentient characters, so anything connected directly to the Microman figures got dumped. Which is actually a shame, as I think the above vehicle would have made a nice accessory for one of the human characters in the Transformers universe. Imagine having a motorcycle which could be shrunk down into a cassette and put in your pocket for later use - no more parking tickets!

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