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I am currently in the process of writing three stories, one fantasy, one science fiction and one a talking animal story for kids. Fantasy is by far the easier genre to write, having built-in races, languages and customs so that you hardly have to do any work of building the world beforehand. Science fiction, on the other hand, is a real pain to write as you have to make up everything - species, planets, languages - and work out where your story falls on the "scientific plausibility" sliding scale. (In other words, are you writing Interstellar or Doctor Who?)

Whatever the genre, writing is a fairly gruelling process when you're a visual thinker, and I've had much more fun with doing pictures to illustrate these two stories. My process with the pictures involves using Poser and Bryce (a couple of 3D programmes) to make the images and I then trace over the 3D renders to give the images a more cartoony/Filmation look. I've tried using renders created in Poser and Bryce, but, frankly, they looked horribly synthy and straight renders never give quite the look that I'm after, even when using toon filters.

The Greatest Runner

A parable that takes its inspiration from The Tortoise and the Hare


Being the adventures of a small, green, feline alien au pair who loses the child in his care and must venture across space to find her.

Universe B

My stab at an epic fantasy story, in which a boy gets sucked into a magical universe via his sock drawer.

Tavern Encounter
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