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The name is Faiers, pronounced "Fay-ers". Not "Fi-yers". Not "Ferris". And definitely not "Fairies".

My name is Simon (yes, I know it already says that in the header, but I can't think of any better way to begin an introduction), a cartoonist/3D modeller/writer/scribbler from Croydon, a place nobody in their right mind would visit unless they wanted their passport stamped or their wallet taken. At various stages in my frighteningly long life - my generation's Doctor Who was Tom Baker, you do the math - I've worked as a visualising artist, children's magazine illustrator, and computer programmer, while my extracurricular activities also extend to working on a fantasy story (albeit one that is yet to see the light of day!) About five years ago I decided to finally collect my creative output into one place online so people can actually look at it.

Most of the art on here is of a "traditional" nature, although some of it is also representative of my sojourn into digital art. The 3D stuff has its own section (see the links above).


I believe that God has given all of us gifts (even reality TV stars) and it is our responsibility to find a constructive use for them during our all-too-brief stay on this earth.  Please feel free to have a look around on here, and any feedback is greatly appreciated provided that it is suitably flattering.

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