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I've also made some of my un-rigged characters available on Renderosity, all modelled in Wings and exported in .obj format. You can click on the links below to access those, although you have to sign up for a (free) membership with Renderosity before you can download them:

Robot 2 Thumbnail.jpg
Lizard Thumbnail.jpg
Robot Thumbnail.jpg
Robot 3 Thumbnail.jpg
Fish Thumbnail.png
Tapir Thumbnail.jpg
Smiley Robot Thumbnail.jpg
Robot 4 Thumbnail.png

3D Models


These are all modelled in Wings 3D, a very intuitive and user-friendly modelling program. I've tried to use Poser to rig the characters, although my rigging skills are frankly, terrible. Somebody else, who is very talented at this sort of thing, has rigged one of my characters and made it available to download on the ShareCG site. You can click on the link below to access that:

G1 Ramhorn

Professor Xavier's hoverchair

Paper Models


My latest obsession, these made in Blender and then exported for texturing.

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