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1996 - Visualising artist for Dorling Kindersley.

My first job out of art college, and I couldn't have wished for anything more stressful. During my time there I contributed rough versions of illustrations for books about natural disasters and layouts for the "Millennium Encyclopedia".

1996 - Cartoonist, Buzz Puzzles Magazine

This was a job I took while at art college, producing characters for a short-lived children's magazine filled with puzzles, comic strips and fun fun fun. The commission was to come up with pun-tastic insect characters with an "Atom Ant" vibe.


2003 - Cartoonist, Kids Alive Magazine

Someone I knew came up with the idea of a comic strip about talking mobile phones and managed to sell the strip to a comic published by the Sally Army, despite there being no Biblical content to the strip whatsoever (aside from an "Amen!" ringtone in one of the stories). In the end I ran out of mobile phone jokes.

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