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Update 14/05/14

Okay, the website is still in progress and I scanned and editted some pictures last night, so all ticking along nicely. My current projects are:

  • Avengers/Star Wars mashup characters. So far I've come up with Iron Han, Chewbanner, Luke Rogers and Odinsson Kenobi. It's suprising how many characters in popular fantasy and science fiction franchises mirror each other.

  • Mythological monster hybrids. My 12 year-old niece started this off. "What would you get if you crossed a mermaid with a unicorn? What about a unicorn and a harpy?..." I've managed to get to stage 6, although you do reach a point where the poor creature can only accomodate so many heads and legs.

  • A spotter's guide for the primary school classroom. Having worked in schools for so long, you start to see repetitions of certain personality types among small children.

  • Another image using 2D and 3D elements featuring my cute little tortoise character. I've had to reinstall Bryce on my computer (and uninstall other things to make room for it) in order to do this.

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