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Well, I can see that this is going to be one of those blogs that gets updated VERY intermittently. After a break of several months, there is now a backlog of pictures in various stages of completion cluttering up my room. I've got a free couple of days ahead, so will have to spend at least some of that time scanning pictures and uploading them onto here. (Unfortunately, my creaky old computer is struggling to work with the upload function on Wix, so I'm having to nip down to the library to use their computers to upload images!!!)

Also, I've temporarily disabled the Downloads page on here as neither the 3d models nor the story are yet in a state to be downloaded. Actually, the Razorback story is currently in the process of being rewritten yet again, and that is what I've been devoting my time and creative energies to working on recently. That and a bunch of pictures in my Illegal Aliens series.

Onwards and upwards... ;)

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