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I was too young to be into the Micronauts toys when they were a thing for kids in the seventies, although the Marvel comic based on the toys continued well into the eighties, and I had several issues. The comic told the story of a mixed group of humans, aliens and robots and their struggles to save their universe from a Darth Vader-esque tyrant called Baron Karza. The big twist was that when they entered our universe they were only three inches tall and were as much in danger from a hungry dog or a lawnmower as they were from Baron Karza and his cronies.

At the time I thought they were the coolest comic book characters ever, and I still have a lot of affection for them. It's sad that the rights to the toys have changed hands since the Marvel comic ended, so there will probably never be a film or Netflix series based on the Marvel versions of the characters. But I can dream...

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