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I've put up some framed prints in Croydon Clocktower. I slightly underestimated the size of the display space, so am now in the process of ordering more prints and purchasing more frames to put them in to try and beef up the display a bit. (This photo doesn't do justice to it, but the pictures are rather floating in a vaccuum at present.) All my images are A4 or thereabouts, whereas the other artists displaying in the Clocktower do pictures roughly twice that size.

Size has always been a bit of an obstacle for me. One of my most horrible memories of art college is putting my pictures next to those of the other students when our work was due to be assessed and finding that everyone had produced much, much bigger pieces of work. My pictures, which looked fine when viewed by themselves, disappeared next to the others. I've always preferred using mediums like pencil and watercolour, which don't really lend themselves to big images.

Also, I've had computer issues recently which resulted in my laptop being out of action for a few weeks and needing to have Windows and all the programs reinstalled on it once it was fixed. My old CanoScan LiDE scanner immediately began sulking this evening and refused to talk to the computer, necessitating some reinstalling of drivers and stuff from the CD that came with the scanner and restarting the laptop. Thank heavens, the scanner started working after that, although it's still behaving like it did before the laptop's seizure and refusing to scan images unless I do it through the GIMP. The official utility, CanoScan Toolbox 4.9, throws up an error message when I try to access the scanner through it. So the GIMP came in useful for something after all.*

*I'm just teasing - the GIMP is good for lots of things.

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