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Happier New Year?

So it's 2018 already. Blimey, where did the time go? Hopefully this one will be less fraught with tragedy than 2017. Maybe Trump's comb-over will drop over his eyes while he's walking down the stairs...

I've continued to bash out pictures of Dungeons and Dragons characters for use by the kids at school. Every time we play it (once or twice a week) our "dungeon master" presents us with new characters and creatures, so there is a wealth of inspiration. I'm hoping the students will use the characters to produce a powerpoint presentation or illustrate a story based on the game, although this is dependent on their motivation. One can only throw ideas out there in the hope that one of those ideas will catch the kids' interest.

I've also continued to produce character pics for my science fiction story (see the Story tab on this site) and am pleased with the way they've been turning out. My only question is whether to go full 3d with the backgrounds or draw them. The latter will take longer but will probably make for a more cohesive picture.

Another project that I thought up over the weekend is to use a tool online to acquire a random noun every day and then do a picture based on that word. This seems like a good way to step out of my comfort zone and learn to draw things that aren't science fiction or fantasy. My word for today was "general".

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