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Well, it's been a while, thanks to a 9 day period of illness (flu) that still hasn't quite cleared up yet and technical issues. In the case of the latter, it was my computer that died again and had to have Windows re-installed on it. Having struggled with this thing for a while I've finally taken the plunge with a friend's help and invested in another computer. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer. Unfortunately it doesn't have a disk drive on it so I'm currently trying to find a way round that so I can install Poser 10 on it. The vendor obviously assumed that their customers would acquire things exclusively by download, although some of us still like to have a tangible copy of whatever they're buying.

As far as artwork goes, I've mainly been doing things for school including making a "Whole Body Listening" poster. It's based on an existing poster that was considered to be a bit childish for secondary school.

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