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Finger Monsters

I have a strange, warped sense of humour and laugh at some pretty black things. This has always been the case, although as an adult and a Christian I have to rein in that humour a bit in order to avoid offending people, and this means an awful lot of stifled laughs at inappropriate moments.

The cartoon below was based on an idea that seemed funny to me at the time; one day I found myself wondering who on Earth invented those little jelly monsters that children stick on their fingers. They seem to have been around forever but nobody ever talks about them (I doubt that Netflix will ever do a "Toys That Made Us" show about the things) and this became an idea for a horror story in which the monsters get onto people's fingers and make them do strange things.

Reading the strip now, I'm not sure what to make of it and think that something got lost in translation between my original idea and the execution of the story. A guy threatening a woman with a knife doesn't now strike me as particularly funny.

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