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Status Update

Work is progressing with amassing work for the next exhibition. I have just finished a painted version of my "canal barges on the canal near Angel" picture to add to the pile.

At present, as far as the realistic pictures go, I have a few colourful paintings and a bunch of mostly grey pencil drawings. Having done too many blue pictures previously I have progressed to doing too many grey pictures and it's kind of monotonous to look at.

I have experimented with using different filters on some of my line drawings - one of the whale skeleton hanging in the Natural History Museum's main hall and the other of the Brompton Oratory. These were both drawn in grey pencil and, while the actual drawing is fine, the medium is boring and needs jazzing up a bit. I've looked online for a filter that will make the pictures look like etchings and have turned up a few results, although they produce really thick, heavy lines and are really intended to be photo filters (ie, to make your holiday snaps look unconvincingly unlike photos, which is how most of these filters work - perfectly fine if you're going for that "Scanner Darkly" rotoscoped look).

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