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I'm currently in the process of going through all the pictures in the 'Scans' folder on my computer (which is where all the unprocessed pictures go) and pushing them all to a state of completion. So far so good. I've coloured in a few of my story characters - now in the 'Story' section of this website - and have been forced to admit that the technique I'm using isn't a time-saver at all but, if anything, takes longer than colouring in pictures the usual way. This may be down to the limitations of the software I'm using.

The picture above is a work in progress, illustrating an idea shared by one of my teachers at Epsom School of Art & Design. She said ideas are like butterflies; they fly around looking for someone to land on. If the idea lands on you and you do nothing with it, it will fly away and land on someone else and keep doing this until it finds someone who will do something constructive with it.

The "halo" effect round the lightbulb/butterfly was an accident.

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