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Work is continuing on my Tortoise and Hare story, which I am "visualising" using Poser figures for the characters and stock photos for the backgrounds. It is easy enough to do the tortoise pictures as I already had a rigged model of a tortoise modelled by myself and rigged by my very talented friend Steve a.k.a. Papasmrfe in the States. The other main character, the hare, is slightly trickier as I don't have a model of a hare and can't really find a suitable one online. There are toon rabbit characters available on various websites, of course, but they're deliberately small and cutesy things that aren't suitable for my story. As a workaround I've taken my cat character, changed his proportions a bit and grafted on bunny ears and teeth and a cotton tail. It looks pretty rough, but it will do for my purposes.

Going back to the writing: I've now watched and read a awful lot of tutorials and how-tos online, and if I never hear the expressions "show not tell", "?????? took me out of the story", or "world-building" again I will die happy. (What the hell is "world-building" anyway, and when did it become a thing? Isn't everyone who writes a story in any genre required to "build a world"?) There are an awful lot of people out there in internetland who criticise other people's work and waffle on and on like the final authorities on good and bad storytelling, and there's no question that they're very educated and knowledgeable, but what do any of them actually do besides analyse other people's achievements? I don't see any books written by any of these self-proclaimed "critics" and don't see anything anywhere qualifying them to share their analyses except for whatever diplomas they claim to have earned and the fact that they have their own (advertising sponsored) YouTube channels. The fact that they're all spouting the same expressions to describe good and bad writing rings alarm bells, like they've all gone through the same correspondence course on how to write and are reading from the same Powerpoint passed to them by their tutors.

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