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Works in progress

How long has it been? I don't even want to look...

The reason for this blog's (sporadic, shall we say?) rate of update is that all the time I spend writing about being creative is time not spent being creative and I'd rather have some new pictures at the end of a given period than a few blog entries. The same holds true for posting images online; I haven't been sitting on my hands during the last few months, by any means, but most of what I've been doing hasn't been posted on here because posting work online would require taking time out from producing new work. I need a secretary who can take care of these vital but less satisfying aspects of creative art (and maybe organise exhibitions as well), preferably on a voluntary basis.

Paintings - I've been deliberately putting time aside to get on with producing more watercolour work and have even pushed the boat out by breaking out my new acrylic paints and having a go with a solid medium for a change. The acrylic painting certainly takes some getting used to, as you can't let the colours bleed across the paper in a pleasing fashion like you can with watercolours. There are some new paintings in the drawings section of this site now, adding some much-needed colour to a rather monochromatic collection.

Illustration - The Tortoise and Hare story is on hold for the time being until I can get clear in my head exactly what the story is and what medium to use for the finished pictures. Colouring in pencil drawings on my computer is not, with the benefit of hindsight, an ideal solution as the results are rather rough and inconsistent. I will come back to this project, but not just yet.

Software - I've installed Corel Painter on my computer and am having difficulties with it already as there is a "lag" between dragging my cursor across the virtual canvas and the mark of the brush appearing on the screen. A Google search has revealed that this is a common issue for users of Corel Painter, and other users have posted possible causes and proposed solutions online. It is curious that a reputable firm like Corel would release a piece of software with such a glaring bug in it, and I feel users of the software really shouldn't be forced to waste their time hunting around for solutions to said bugs.

Anyway, back to the production line. See you in another three months!

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