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Bye bye social media

I've more or less stopped posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram as it is a fruitless exercise, akin to doing a stand up comedy routine in an empty auditorium. Occasionally people in the real world have said to me "I liked that comment you posted" or "why don't you post your pictures online anymore?" responses that I would never have known about had we not spoken in person. I can understand people not wanting to type out wordy comments on my posts, but can't figure out why clicking on the like button presents such a challenge for these supposed admirers.

On a related note, a lot of artists seem to be now abandoning Instagram in favour of a new platform called Cara - a fact that they are, ironically, all choosing to share with the world via Instagram. They are citing reasons like "being forced to do video reels" and "having to post x number of images per day to be seen" as reasons for quitting Instagram. No doubt Cara will be very popular until it changes its terms and conditions further down the line or undergoes a facelift which makes it less user friendly, at which point it will go the same way as Deviantart and all the other extinct image hosting sites.

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