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Doesn't time fly?

This is my first post of the new year (hello 2022), and it's been delayed in part by a nasty bout of covid symptoms and being stuck in bed for the better part of a week. I say "covid symptoms" because all my tests came back negative, despite the too-covid-to-be-coincidence symptoms that I developed while sharing a flat with someone who had tested positive for the virus. I'm not convinced that those tests are reliable, as this happened before just over a year ago, and the signs - loss of smell, metallic aftertaste after eating, fatigue and cough - again, didn't sync up with the negative test result.

I haven't been completely unproductive during this time, despite the tiredness affecting my ability to work on anything creative. My two in-progress images are the "turtle carrying Discworld" image that I posted the beginning stage of back in December and a picture showing the "Armour of God" described in Ephesians 6, reimagined as a Japanese mech suit.

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