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One of the kids in the school where I work is fanatical about Warhammer, a role-playing game I dabbled in briefly as a teenager (although to be honest I found painting the little lead orcs, elves and dwarves more entertaining than the game). I made the mistake of telling him once about my brief flirtation with his beloved hobby and since then he's bent my ear about all his plans for building armies of monsters every time we run into each other.

Warhammer is essentially Lord of the Rings, but re-imagined for teenagers; basically the same world, but with tons of added blood, gore, guts, puke, ridiculously oversized weapons and other such elements thrown in to appeal to an adolescent audience.

Anyway, this cartoon was done for him. It's a member of an alien species known for its antisocial habit of laying eggs in its prey and producing part-alien, part victim's race hybrids. Any resemblance to a certain extraterrestrial species featured in a series of films by Fox Studio is purely coincidental.

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