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Indoor Pursuits

Ah, Poser... Beyond a doubt, one of the greatest assets in a struggling artist's toolkit but also one of the most infuriating... Two weeks ago, with the world in the grip of a viral crisis, I found myself suddenly housebound and with unlimited time indoors to tidy up, complete inventories and do all those indoor, adminy tasks that are so easy to put off when one is able to leave the house. As a result I had a chance to finish off a lot of the pictures that are cluttering up my computer's hard drive and to make completion of those pictures easier by going through all the installed content in Poser's library and making a note of what is in there and which folders all of it is in.

There are, you see, many resources - props, scenery, figures - available in Poser with which to build a scene, but Poser's filing system is, in a word, lousy. If you are looking for a building, for example, it may be in the "figures" directory, or it may be in the "props" directory, and even then it will probably be in a subfolder whose name gives no clue as to its contents, often being named after the artist or studio who produced the resource.

So I've been going through the directories and making a record of what each resource is, which category it belongs to, and which folder it's in. It's a long job, made so by the ludicrous number of assets that ship with each version of Poser, much of it unnecessary and unlikely to ever be used by anyone. There are, for example, about a dozen male and female figures installed with the software, most of them rather unsightly and accompanied by a shedload of clothes and accessories that nobody with access to DAZ Studio's vastly superior character models is going to bother using.

Still, once it's done it's done, and hopefully this will result in less time wasted hunting for elements for a picture or (in the worst-case scenario) downloading and installing articles that I already have.

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