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Linear thinking

I usually take a tonal approach to line drawing, but just recently some linear drawings have been popping out in unguarded moments, and I've not known what to do with them after they're finished. Some of them have become paintings as there's enough interesting stuff going on in the scene tonally or colour-wise to justify that bit of extra work, but in the case of the pictures below there was nothing going on at all aside from the contours. The pic of Brompton Oratory in the middle, for example, shows a building that I never see at a time of day when any interesting light is hitting it.

So I went to the London Graphic Centre and picked up some fancy black brush pens, and am now in the process of launching out into a medium that's not one of my safe and comfortable ones (pencil or watercolour). Watch this space for the results (or not if they turn out as rubbish as my previous sojourns into black ink drawing, in which case they may just end up on a bonfire somewhere).

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