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Outer-spacemen and other things

Those who are old enough to remember the early 80s may remember these weird little plastic spacemen and the armada of space buggies and flying saucers they shipped with. They were a curiously old-fashioned throwback to the old days of 2" tall static toy soldiers that our parents used to play with - even the design of the characters was retro, owing more to the giant-headed aliens of Doctor Who and the spacesuited heroes of Dan Dare than anything in Star Wars. Sadly, they couldn't stand up against all the multi-jointed barbarian warriors and shape-shifting robots flooding the market at the time.

The factions were (from left to right) cyborg (good), mutant (bad), Stargard/human (good) and alien (bad). The monster at the back was called "Muteron" and I assume he was on the side of the villains.

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