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I love robots! Tiny robots, giant robots, combining robots, hand-shooting robots, transforming robots, dinosaur robots, shrinking and growing robots, robot with people inside - I don't care, they're all great and I wish I had one. Depressingly, in the real world, it's now the 21st century and we're barely able to make robots that can walk, let alone robots that can turn into a jet plane and kick over a house.

This image combines several of my favourite robot types: the middle front guy is a homage/rip-off of Acroyear from the Micronauts, the one on the right is a little more Transformer-y, and the one on the left is (I suppose) more of a classic, 1950s "Robot Archie" kind of a deal. The big one in the back with the crab hands would be the villain (or is he?.... hmmmm!)

The colour version of this picture is now in the Cartoons section of this website. As usual I've rendered the figures in Poser and then traced over them to give them more of a cel animated look, as I have yet to find a renderer in Poser that gives characters and scenes a convincingly hand-drawn appearance. That said, I've recently been watching Marvel's What If on Disney Plus and that has been animated using a very attractive cel shading technique on 3D animation, although I have no idea what software they're using to do it. Whatever it is, it probably cost the gross national income of a small country, plus an army of animators, and I don't quite have the resources available to Disney just yet.

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