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Spring cleaning

Being in COVID-19-enforced-self-isolation means having plenty of time to do all those jobs that normally get pushed to one side to make room for work, church, being sociable and other activities that happen when you can leave the house. For me, shut away in my room, the past few weeks have been taken up with organising my music collection, organising my book collection, de-cluttering, cleaning, more cleaning (my bedroom window has never been so transparent) and finishing off unfinished pictures. This time in quarantine has also provided an opportunity to rifle through the files on my computer and get rid of all the accumulated rubbish and duplicated information and hopefully free up space on my hard drive.

One of the biggest hoggers of hard drive space is Poser files; Poser files are big and the more separate files you have for each model (representing different stages in the process of making a character or scenes you've built using your characters) the more of those precious megabytes it gobbles up. I've been ruthlessly filtering through all my Poser characters and making sure that there is one, or at the most, two of each figure, and that all the files relevant to that figure - meshes, textures, props - are in the same folder. (My process of creating characters up to this point has been so chaotic that I can't open a single Poser file without the program asking for object files, image files or props that it can't find - must do better in future!)

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