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Stages of a picture

So here's a little insight into my creative process - or at least, my creative process as it stands since I started doing these Tortoise and Hare pictures. The image on the left is the (very) rough sketch of how I wanted the image of the tortoise and hare reaching the finish line to look at the end of the story. The image on the right is my mock-up of the finished picture using Poser and Clip Studio, with Poser figures and props standing in for the drawn characters and objects in the scene.

Fortunately I already had a cartoon tortoise modelled by myself and rigged by my very talented friend Steve in the States, but the hare had to be cobbled together from my cat model and makeshift bunny ears, teeth and tail (see the links and downloads page on this site for the cat model). The other three figures were all characters that shipped with Poser 10, to be replaced with a group of animals in the final illustration.

Btw, apologies for the nakedness of the big man in the middle; unlike his friends, his clothes were separate figures, which made it a real pain in the neck to select his body parts and move them. It's just as well that toon figures aren't always the most (ahem!) anatomically complete models.

More to come as the picture progresses!

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