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Status update

I've done a couple of illustrations for a friend who is doing a TEFL course (not learning English herself, but learning to teach English to other, non-English students). One of her assignments was to produce a book for her students telling a simplified version of an existing story, including pictures with elements clearly labelled in them. The story she chose to retell was "Lion" (which got turned into a movie with Dev Patel) and she asked me to illustrate a couple of scenes in the story, one showing the central character as a five year old boy lost at a train station and the other showing the central character finding his home town on Google Earth.

Fortunately, the assignment happened during my Easter break, which gave me plenty of time to get the pictures done. The trickier of the two images was the one showing Kolkata train station at night, for which there were limited reference images available online. There were a few changes that my friend wanted made to the images once they were done, which all involved simplifying the images by removing extraneous detail.

I've been continuing with the comic strips as well, having hit a roll with them, and with ideas coming so thick and fast that there's no time to draw them all. Most of them are based on my personal experiences of house-sharing and the issues that arise from existing in a communal space with other human beings. It's quite cathartic.

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