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Tortoises repost

This is a reworking of an existing picture which I will be updating in the Cartoons section of my website. The way I draw animal characters, particularly tortoises, has developed a bit over the past year or two, and I wanted to make these two characters look a bit more related to my other tortoise characters.

The idea of this is that it's supposed to show the older guy enjoying the spectacle in front of him while the younger guy is busy tweeting or tiktoking (or whatever the big craze is on mobile devices at the moment) and is missing what's going on in the real world behind him. The aurora borealis effect was swiped from a Gimp tutorial, although the picture could just as easily portray a rainbow or a sunrise.

I have mixed feelings about going back and "fixing" existing pictures, as earlier pictures by an artist can show how their style has developed over time, and sometimes you get carried away start obsessively fixing things that don't need fixing. And some pictures can't be fixed, no matter what you do (I have plenty of those!)

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