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Once upon a time, I worked for a children's book publisher based in Covent Garden as a "visualising artist". The brief was to act as a sort of intermediary stage between the layout artist - the guy who did the rough preliminary version of the spread - and the illustrator, who did the finished, coloured-in version to be printed. I can't honestly claim to have enjoyed the job; it was a lot of work, quite stressful, and, with the internet still being a new thing, all I had to inform the pictures was a bundle of photographs put together by the research team.

Below are some of the images that I did for a book of real-life natural disasters, including earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes and avalanches. These were drawn in pencil on tracing paper, so please forgive the roughness of the images. Just before my tenure at the company ended, I made sure to get photocopies of my work just to have some proof that I'd been there.

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