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Xmas Card Update

I sent my Christmas card design off to last night, just in time to get a 25% discount and free postage, which reduced my overall cost by about £15. I get a lot of emails from about special offers, so overlooked the most recent one until a nagging little voice told me (just prior to checkout) that there might be something in my inbox worth looking at. Hopefully the cards will arrive in time to be sent off to friends and family before Christmas (and be in a state worth sending).

Also, just on whim, I bought some "Shrinkles" from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. They're the closest thing available to Shrinky Dinks these days outside of extortionately priced packs of Shrinky Dinks on eBay. I have good memories of Shrinky Dinks - draw a design on a sheet of plastic, cut them out, put them in the oven and watch your little picture shrink and harden. You can then turn them into badges or keychains. The Shrinkles that arrived in the post aren't like the Shrinky Dinks that I remember, being nothing more than little sheets of acetate with neither side being good for drawing on in pencil. I've done a picture quite roughly in non-permanent black pen and am waiting to see how it turns out once it's out of the oven.

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