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Masterpiece 2017

Today I went to the "Masterpiece 2017" art show in Chelsea with a friend. I'd been sent a free invitation to the event with my latest copy of the National Art Pass magazine and thought the opportunity was too good to pass up (even though I knew I'd be a little less poshly-dressed than most of the customers and curators there). There was an overwhelming volume of beautiful art there - it was a lot bigger than we'd been expecting - including original pieces that wouldn't have looked out of place in a gallery or museum. I was particularly struck by the two coloured pencil drawings by David Hockney attached here, which achieve exactly the kind of effect I've been looking for in my own coloured pencil drawings. His approach is very light, almost like an overexposed photograph, with almost no solid areas of colour. I'm going to be researching his drawings further...

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