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The watercolours are out and I'm painting in earnest. There is a big backlog of drawings in my room that are fine from a draftmanship point of view, but the material used - usually blue pencil - is letting them down. My current technique is to trace the pictures on to watercolour paper and then attack them with the paints that I got for Christmas. So far I've got four pictures done.

The above image is also present on my "Drawings" page in a square (Instagram-friendly) version. I can't decide which one works better, if either of them.

I'm also working on a set of pictures for helping a student to get dressed and undressed at school. Like my listening poster, they're based on an existing resource from the internet that is a little too childish for our students.

Finally, the exhibition of Christopher Wren drawings has begun in London. I took my pictures over yesterday, helped to curate the exhibition, and also picked up a copy of the book of our pictures.

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