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Current projects

I've made a start on another watercolour, this one of St. Martin-in-the-fields and done monochromatically. Some pictures benefit from being done in colour, but with this picture it is more about the shape of the building and the light and shade - the building itself isn't a particularly interesting colour. With the sudden improvement in the weather (it's abruptly jumped to 29 degrees today) I hope there will be more opportunities to go outside and draw in the sunshine.

I've recently done a set of pictures at school to be used by an autistic student to help him get dressed and undressed for PE lessons. As was the case with the "active listening" poster, it is based on an existing resource that was considered to be too childish for students in our age group. The teachers have recommended that I try and sell the poster and "getting dressed" cards to Twinkl and start filling the gap that is currently in the market.

As with the poster, I've made heavy use of Poser for the figure reference, and it's really helped.

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