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Exhibiting again

Well, I'm currently getting pictures ready to be displayed in Croydon Clocktower for a second exhibition, and am trying not to get stressed about it. I've been doing my usual thing of scanning pictures and editing them on my computer to be sent to a printer, only last night on whim I tried sticking some of my recent paintings into a bigger frame (30cm x 40cm) and discovered that they fit perfectly into the frame and actually looked good at the original size without any editing.

This, of course, is good news; it means I can just use the pictures as they are, and only need to buy a few more bigger frames to display them in. The big problem with the last exhibition was filling the space with the (mostly) A4-sized pictures that I had, which will be less of a problem with some bigger pictures to put up. The question is whether I want to put the original pictures up on the walls (which is a little bit risky) or get prints done of them.

If the latter, then it would make more sense to find a shop somewhere in London that provides a scanning/printing service and get them to create copies. This instead of scanning the pictures just so I can send them off to Dstudio.

The other issue with editing pictures on my computer is that the display on it is a nightmare to work with - the display is too bright and makes it impossible to see what I'm doing except when I'm working with black and white images.

There are a few places in London that provide an art printing service, although they all seem to be "Glicee" printing, meaning you have to have a digital copy of the picture for them to use. None of them are saying anything about scanning original pictures.

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