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27 Historic London Pubs To Draw

Over the summer there was a series of meetups put on by the same girl who organised the Christopher Wren church drawing series a while ago. As far as I know the aim is the same: to draw a bunch of historical buildings in London and then put the pictures into a book and display them somewhere public. I managed to get to a couple of the meetups during the holiday, although I only really got any decent pub drawings done on the first day.

The first church was the Compton Arms in Islington. The place was sadly closed for refurbishment but I was still able to draw the outside of it. The second was the Draper's Arms, also in Islington, although artists weren't allowed inside and the only way I could get a decent view of it was by looking at it from the end of the street (with a tree in the way).

Those were by far the easiest pubs to draw. The others were situated in narrow alleyways and were surrounded by drinkers by the time we got there. I took a bunch of photos to draw from in the comfort of my own home, although I'm not sure if I'll actually do any more work on this project.

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