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Another Transformers character, although, sadly, he doesn't transform (unless you tread on him). Making characters out of paper has become my new obsession, involving, as it does, several of my creative interests - 3D modelling, 2D painting and assembling things by hand*. Robots lend themselves very naturally to angular paper models, and I have yet to push the boat out and try more curvy shapes.

Producing a single character takes a long time to do, though. The 3D modelling part in Blender isn't too time-consuming - what eats up all the hours is assembling the printed paper model, correcting any issues, then texturing and assembling the textured version.

The next stage will be to upload the templates for this and the other two models somewhere so other people can have a go at making them. I am very bad at sharing what I do with other people on the internet, partly due to shyness and fear of negative feedback, and partly due to the competence barrier; knowing where to upload files so they can be hosted and downloaded.

*Also, AI has yet to find a way to copy this.

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