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WIP - The Tortoise and the Hare

This is an idea I had a while ago. It started with the image of a tortoise stuck on his back with nobody helping him, and it then developed into a "good samaritan" kind of situation, with the tortoise being assisted by the last person one would expect to help a tortoise, which is a hare. I produced one image to illustrate this, which is in the "Cartoons" section of this website, but it has gradually fermented into a proper childrens' book inside my head. Of course, these things can only bubble away inside my brain for so long before they have to be expelled like a very colourful fart, and just recently I have taken my first tentative steps towards turning this idea of a book into an actual object consumable by other humans.

And so far it's a fun project. I'd completely got out of the habit of producing rough versions of pictures before pressing ahead with the finished article, and have been reminded of how important - and how much fun - the rough stage is. You get to play around with ideas without having to worry about how the drawing is going to look, and that is quite liberating.

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